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5 Minutes More


This digital monthly drag show is conceptualized and produced by Peggy Babcock as Lazy Suzan.

Currently distributed on IGTV, these monthly installations emerged out of the isolation of the quarantine of 2020. 

In short, drag propaganda that's sure to raise your spirits... and we don't even need a ouija board! This kooky, critical, and fabulously campy Commie Girl will have you wondering, "what did I just watch?"

5 MM has completed its first cycle and is currently back  in development.

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D  R  A  G

"Just as all culture work is inherently political, so too is Drag: the expansive performance of social gender in all its signs and symbols. Often a means to navigate the ballooning hazards of society, and deflate them, Queer cultural forms such as Drag born radically outside the puritan constraints of respectability offer a way back into the woods when the village becomes stifling. "